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The City Of Moss Point Plans To Make Changes In 2007

"We have faced some considerable challenges that have kept the city's name in the forefront," Mayor Xavier Bishop says.

Mayor Xavier Bishop is right, 2006 was not an easy year in Moss Point. Two men, Jesse Lee Hubbard and Billy Ray Evans, died while in Moss Point Police custody. The coroner ruled both deaths suicides, but the families called for their own investigations.

Officer Wendy Peyregne was arrested on duty, charged with drug possession with intent to distribute.

The Mayor says the police department is in better shape today.

"We are on the right track but there is clearly a need to improve the service there," Bishop says. "We have allocated the funds to bring on additional officers and now we have to be proactive in getting them trained and getting them on the street."

Scandal rocked one seat of city government, when Ward 6 Alderman Al Bodden resigned and pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud. The mayor says he hopes whoever fills that post will be ready to get to work, because there are many important city projects ahead in the new year.

"There are goals and plans in the works. Many of these things have not been made fully public," Bishop says. "For an individual to come on board and be able to valuably represent their constituency, it would be necessary for them to learn what is going on."

Downtown redevelopment is also on Bishop's to do list. Right now, the area is basically a business district, but Bishop says adding a few more restaurants and shops will equal more dollars coming into the area.

"We have some considerable inviting areas on Highway 63 and the Main Street downtown area, we need aggressively go after businesses," says Bishop.

The Mayor say that will help Moss Point have a prosperous 2007.

By Patrice Clark

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