Family Dispute Ends In Harrison County's 22nd Murder This Year

The Harrison County murders have more than doubled over the past year. Detectives have investigated 22 homicides this year alone, and the year is not yet over. Last year, there were only nine homicides.

The latest murder appears to be the result of a domestic dispute, but Biloxi police won't release details of the circumstances. It happened Friday around 9 p.m. at a home in Woolmarket. Harrison County coroner Gary Hargrove says 22-year-old Jason Davis was shot to death at his father's home. The man accused of killing Davis is his own brother. Twenty one-year-old Raymond Davis is being held in the Harrison County jail on half a million dollars bond. He has been charged with murder.

Neighbors say they are shocked that a tragedy like this could happen on their street. Mary Scott has lived on Michael Street for the past 34 years. She says it's a peaceful neighborhood just off Woolmarket Road.

"I think it's pretty quiet," she said. "Really I don't understand what happened."

"It came to pretty much a shock," neighbor Gwen Speth said. "It still like it hasn't soaked in yet. I mean I have three small children, and I'm really concerned."

Coroner Gary Hargrove says an autopsy shows the victim was shot multiple times, but it was a shot to the head that killed him.

By Danielle Thomas