South Mississippi Teachers Get Post-Katrina Lesson

As an educator, Dr. Lorraine Monroe has inspired thousands of children. She came to South Mississippi to inspire others to do the same.

During her presentation, Dr. Monroe stressed, "It's about training. It's about the trained brain."

Dr. Monroe speaks from experience. She is the founding principal of the renowned Frederick Douglas Academy in Harlem, and now shares her success by teaching her philosophy. Superintendent of the Bay-Waveland School District, Dr. Kim Stansy asked her to come to south Mississippi.

"We had heard her several years ago - she was at a conference - and just her message was so motivating and inspirational that we wanted our staff to be able to hear her," says Stansy.

What they heard, was a powerful message for all hurricane-weary teachers.

"Despite the devastation, that can't be replicated at all when the kids come in the school door. That they have to leave whatever the horrors are of the trailers, of the nature gone amuck behind them," says Monroe.

Stansy adds, "No matter if they're in a FEMA trailer or their conditions are not ideal when they do come to school, there is predictability, there is stability and that's what we must provide for them."

Besides stability, Dr. Monroe emphasized another important lesson: the power of one. She says, "I asked everybody to recite this very simple pledge which is, I am the one. But for me, your life would be a disaster. And that I am the one who has been sent to change your life."

The program ended with the crowd of educators reciting with her, "With these hands, with this heart, with this mind, I can do anything."

The Bay-Waveland School District, in conjunction with the Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium were responsible for Dr. Monroe's visit.

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