South Mississippians Skip Holiday Traditions

Superstitions or traditions: Whatever you call them, many south Mississippians are not living up to some of the things many people swear by every New Years Day. From black eyed peas to cabbage, some people decided to take their chances with Lady Luck on New Year's Day.

Many say eating blacked eyed peas and cabbage on New Year's Day is a southern thing. Urban Legend says the meal ensures good luck and money for the remainder of the year. But people at a local Piccadilly restaurant aren't buying it.

One couple chose to have an early dinner at the restaurant. And like many patrons, they decided to skip the holiday traditions.

Emily Fitzpatrick and her boys love black eyed peas and cabbage but this New Year, they opted for a different meal.

"We had some macaroni and cheese. We had some mashed potatoes. We didn't have the traditional good luck meal today," says Fitzpatrick.

While some chose not to have the holiday favorites, Piccadilly manager Shilo Pitts says the restaurant has had a steady stream of people wanting the meal.

"It's been selling pretty good all weekend. No one gets enough of it. It's a southern tradition," says Pitts.

Those who decided not to have the good luck meal are hoping Lady Luck won't pass them by.