Giving New Year's Resolutions Another Try As 2007 Rolls In

When the new year rolls around, most of us will probably have new year's resolutions.

"My new years resolution would be to be the best wife and best mother I can be," says Ashley Johnson.

"I will try to take more time to myself and not let my time get eaten up by everyone else," says Louis Chow.

"To keep coming back to Mississippi," says Rayanne Zaduk.

"My new year's resolution is try to be a much nicer person to everyone," Richard Holland.

So question is, do we keep those new year's resolutions?

"Ha ha, not really," says Ashley Johnson.

"I use to do it and than I could never keep them, so then I decided to not to bother doing it," says Andy Leeson.

"I'm weak. I'm weak. I'm weak. That's all I can say," says Rayanne Zaduk.

If they're so hard to keep, why do we go through the trouble of making them.

"It's tradition and we're use to it," says Louis Chow.

"I think it's important to set goals. It gives you something to look forward to It gives you something to work toward," says Richard Holland.

"I think it's good to look back over your life and maybe see an area where you can make an improvement and strive to do it," says Kandis Moye.

And if you strive hard enough, as some will tell you, you might be able to kick a few habits as the new year rolls around.

"I did quit smoking one year and that worked," says Andy Leeson.

Overall, those who weighed in say although they're hard to keep, but new year's resolutions are a tradition worth keeping.

"I think everyone should make one and try to stick to it," says Kandis Moye.

"It's nice to start the year fresh and to have that perspective," says Louis Chow.

And here's a little perspective as you make those new year's resolutions.

"Baby steps. Take baby steps," says Rayanne Zaduk.