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Adopt My Room Delivers Bedroom Sets to Local Children

Thousands of children lost a part of their childhood, when their rooms were washed away by Hurricane Katrina. Susan Wilusz and Adopt My Room is trying to change that.

"Our mission is to provide completely furnished bedroom sets for children who've been affected by a natural disaster," says Executive Director Susan Wilusz.

"Right now we're solely dedicated to Hurricane Katrina and Rita families and our goal is 1,000 bedroom sets by 2010, maybe even more." And like the hundred bedrooms handed out Saturday, they will all specifically be designed for the children who receive them.

Wilusz explains, "We see their names, and where their from and their ages, and their favorite colors and their hobbies,we have them fill out all of that, because every bedroom is individualized because we want to make it special."

Besides the actual furniture and bedding, every child also gets a box filled with gifts - each one put together by Susan's 11-year old twin daughters. "They get a hand painted picture frame a little junk drawer box with their name on it.

This is their special place, because they don't have one right now." And that's something Susan thinks is especially important to children. In fact, she says kids have told her that's what they miss most after the storm.

"What they miss most -- is their bedroom, because that's their only place, because that's their sanctuary. When they don't have a place to go, then they don't have anything." But thanks to Adopt My Room, some south Mississippi children have a new place, to make happy memories.

This is Adopt My Room's 3rd trip to the Gulf Coast. They are planning another trip to Biloxi in June.

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By Meggan Gray

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