Woolmarket Residents Sick Of Drainage Problems

Robert Sell is sick and tired of flooding in his Woolmarket neighborhood.

"It gets up on the street when it gets real bad," Sell says.

Many of his neighbors feel the same way.

"The ditches run so bad and they overflow so fast," says 12-year resident Janice Landry. "It's just terrible."

They say that wasn't a problem before the City of Biloxi annexed the area eight years ago.

"The county was out here twice a month digging them," says Landry. "They wasn't just cutting the grass. They were digging them."

Sell says calls to the city have largely fallen on deaf ears.

"Every time I make a phone call, I turn it in and I write it down."

The 20-year resident recently took the extra step of circulating a petition.

"We got 331 signatures from the local residents out here and ain't none of them happy about getting the ditches cleaned out or dug out or cut.  And every time you call, they got another excuse."

But Biloxi city spokesman Vincent Creel says they're not giving Woolmarket excuses, they're giving explanations.

"We have drainage issues right now in Woolmarket," says Creel. "We have them in West Biloxi, we have them on Point Cadet and we have them on Central Beach."

Creel says the city has had to do more with less manpower and equipment since the hurricane. But he says progress is being made.

"We've got some new equipment that's in place now. We've got some new employees on board and we're doing the best we can and we appreciate their patience."

But patience, like dry ground, is something Sell is running short of.

"I'm like a pit bull," says Sell. "If you're not going to do your job, I'm going to hold on to you until you get it done or get you gone."

And he and his neighbors say they aren't about to stop demanding service for their city tax dollars.