Vancleave A Popular Place To Live

Custom homes arise from what once was rural woods and pasture. Subdivisions are sprouting as an increasing number of home owners find Vancleave an inviting address.

"Within the last 15 months, we've had a lot of movement out here. And it was already pretty active before that," said local reator Tom Harper.

Harper moved to Vancleave some 15 years ago, when the community was still a "well kept secret." But nowadays, especially post-Katrina, the word is out.

"People who were affected by Katrina are looking for higher ground. And so many of them are coming out here and have either bought existing homes or they're buying lots to build on," he said.

All that home building means even more customers for H.P. Davis grocery.

"We have just about all we can handle right now. We do very well," said Sue Davis, whose husband's family started the business.

The hometown grocery opened more than four decades ago, before the building boom. Still, the small town charm remains.

"We know all of our customers just about by name. Our cashiers have been with us for years. They know everybody. We know everybody's children," said Davis.

One certain sign of the growth in Vancleave can be found on its roads. There was a time not long ago, when you never heard the words "traffic" and "Vancleave" in the same sentence.

These days the once sleepy town has several stop lights, and actual traffic troubles.

"It's almost impossible to get out on the road. Once you try and get out of the parking lot, it's really hard," said Davis.

Minor inconveniences aside, residents assure us what so many home buyers and builders have already discovered.

"Vancleave's a great place to live," said a smiling Tom Harper.