Next Benji Is Dog From Gulfport Animal Shelter

Tiffany got the big call Thursday night. She just landed the starring role in "Benji Returns ."

The dog's new address is Hollywood, Calif., but she had a humble beginning at a local shelter after being picked up by animal control as a stray.

"Tiffany had heart worms, so we held her and heard about the movie and the director came out, Eric Schafenburg came, saw her, and called Joe Camp to come in and look at her," said Robin Bush with the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

After a nationwide search, Benji creator Joe Camp chose Tiffany and another shelter dog Jodi, as well as three other dogs as finalists. Those dogs were picked from a pool of 16,000. Many humane society workers hope tiffany's success story will inspire people to adopt more dogs from shelters.

"They are just really smart dogs, and they are really loving," Bush said. "We have so many here that would make wonderful pets especially in time for Christmas."

By Rebecca Powers