Vintage Plane Crashes In Hancock County; Pilot Walks Away

A Florida pilot is lucky to be alive after his single engine plane crashed in Hancock County Wednesday afternoon. The crash happened in the Ansley community on Sportsmen Lake Road as the pilot tried to land on a privately owned air strip.

Pilot Mark Molina says he was attempting to sit the plane down on the air strip so he could pick up parts from a vintage plane just like his. He says the 1946 Ercoupe is a rare model.

"I was coming in for a landing here, part of the way down the runway my brakes gave out, or I didn't feel any brakes, and hit the dirt on this side. I was coming to a stop then I hit this ditch right at the end of the runway and as soon as I hit the ditch, the plane flipped over. I crawled out," Molina said.

Miraculously, Molina walked away from the crash with only a minor cut on his hand.