Modular Homes Taking Shape Along Pascagoula's Beachfront

About 75 percent of Carl and Sarah Magehee's 41-year-old waterfront home was destroyed by Katrina. So the Pascagoula couple decided to tear it down and start again.

"All of the rest around us were ruined, so there was nothing we could do," Carl Megehee said.

But this time, the couple decided to invest their money in a modular home.

"My daughter and son-in-law had seen a modular home in Orlando at the Home Builders Association, and we started looking and decided to go with this," Megehee said.

The Megehees believe their choice will be safer, faster, and sturdier.

"They build it with 2x6s instead of 2x4s and it is a lot stronger than other houses."

Bob Smith from Pelican Bay Custom Homes agrees. His company and New Era Construction are building three other modular homes in Jackson County.

"In higher end homes, a stick built home will run you $165 to $255 a square foot. These were $140 a square foot."

Smith said modular homes must meet the same standards as stick built homes.

"The difference is the modular homes are built for the county that you are living in by building codes rather than to a national code, so you have a much more intense set of codes you are following from the structure of the home," Smith said.

"We just want a home and we want to be settled and a place to put everything," Sara Megehee said.

The Megehees' home is expected to be completed by February.