South Mississippians Shop For Post-Christmas Sales

The research firm Shopper Trak reports holiday sales were up 4.3 percent this year. That's just short of the estimated five percent increase. But as Patrice Clark found, the holiday shopping season is still underway.

Hundreds of shoppers filled the aisles and their baskets with post-Christmas bargains at the Ocean Springs Wal-Mart Tuesday.

It's a yearly ritual for Loretta Box to wake up early and travel from store to store in search for great deals the day after Christmas.

"Usually my husband comes with me, but he is working. He lets me spend more money," Box said. "I bought a teddy bear, boxes, ornaments, and paper lights, whatever they have on sale. I enjoy it more when I have it for half price."

Consumers are also taking advantage of the electronic bargains. Lisa Reamey and her son could not take their eyes off the discounted gadgets.

"I would love to have an LCD," Reamey said.

And the list does not stop there.

"You need new DVD players, printers. I would like to have a flat bed printer. I plan on looking at them today, I figured they will be marked down today."

That is the goal of most die hard shoppers - buy a lot for a little price.

Researchers estimate national sales for the Friday and Saturday before Christmas at more than $16 billion.