South Mississippians Head To Stores For Post Holiday Returns

From gifts that made the Christmas list to those that didn't, there are many reasons people made the trip to the Wal-Mart in Biloxi Tuesday. Some customers brought back broken items, others say some gifts didn't match their taste.

Regardless of the reason for the return, store manager Bob Bennett says Wal-Mart stores along the Gulf Coast were ready for the post-holiday rush.

"We've got four registers set up to strictly handle returns and we can expedite that process quickly and we don't have to hold up the lines and people waiting at the service desk," says Bennett.

The stores may have been prepared, but what they got and what they expected were two different things.

"We opened back at six o'clock this morning expecting a little larger line than what came in. And I really feel it's Tuesday and people are getting back to work, but they will be back," says Bennett.

Wal-Mart managers say there are some things people can do to help speed up this process. Make sure that you have your receipt. If you don't, be prepared to get a gift card that is worth the amount of the item today. That means if you don't have a receipt and your item is on sale, you will get the sale price.