Volunteers Spend Christmas Day Helping Others

Some may call it Christmas dinner with all the fixin's. Along with turkey and dressing, volunteers at the Rescue Mission are making sure people get a smile with their dinner.

Ann Fleming has been volunteering with the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission for many years. She says even with a whole new batch of volunteers, this year was record-breaking at the Mission Fleming credits all those who worked so hard. "We've served more today than we have at any other time. They really pitched in. The really put there hearts in it and really wanted to do it and stayed almost all day," says Fleming.

Dr. Larry Drawdy and his wife are part of the new crop of volunteers who made the commitment to serve. The couple decided to celebrate Christmas a day early so they can lend a helping hand to those in need. "We planed this for some length of time and I had already talked to Reverend Mims about it and it's a part of our contributions that we think is important for our community," says Drawdy.

Since Hurricane Kartrina hit the Gulf Coast, this volunteer says he realizes that people need each other now more than ever before. "So many people have lost so much and this is a time that people can give back something for all that's been given to them," says Drawdy.

Now the Drawdy's along with dozens of other volunteers hope that the rest of community will take note this Christmas Day.

This was the 43rd annual Christmas Dinner at the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission. Organizers say the mission served about 400 plates.