Georgia Couple Move To Coast To Help Storm Victims Rebuild

"You hear people say God calls you to do this and God calls you to do that, and you're always skeptical of that 'til you get that call," volunteer Ed Rutherford says.

Atlanta business owner Ed Rutherford says he heard the call loud and clear. That's when he and his wife decided to pack up a few items and move to South Mississippi to volunteer their time helping storm victims recover.

"There was no question this is where we were suppose to come and this we were supposed to do. "

For six months, the Rutherfords have worked full time in Jackson County, and changed their way of living. The couple moved from a house to a donated trailer that sits behind Pascagoula's First Presbyterian Church.

"We are here to work. We are here to do what we can to rebuild. And the trailer, we do not spend very much time in it."

That's because they're busy rebuilding home after home.

"We do sheetrock, trim, paint, windows, cabinets, you name it. Anything we can do to help move people out of trailers and back into their homes."

Margie Best is now reaping the benefits of the Rutherfords' giving spirit. Her Pascagoula home took a hard punch from Katrina. But thanks to the generosity of strangers, she's spending Christmas in her home.

"It was so much clean up to be done, then the Rutherford came. My heart goes out to them. They are exceptional people," Best said.

And she could not stop boasting about Mr. Rutherford.

"He installed the hot water tank, he oversaw the oven to get it installed, and the electrical appliances," says Best.

Rutherford says, "We are just volunteers helping out where we can."

Ed Rutherford and his wife have completed more than forty homes since arriving on the coast.

They plan return back to Georgia sometime in January, but plan on making another trip to the coast to help once again.