Volunteers Demonstrate True Meaning Of Christmas

For hundreds of volunteers, this is Christmas. Whether it's behind the line, serving cake, or anxiously waiting in line to be served, they're all here to make sure those less fortunate, have a warm meal this Christmas day.

Gulfport volunteer Hubert Yarbrough says, "There are so many here, and it's great to see em all out here. A lot of the young people like we have here, that are coming out, and that's what's great -- when you have a lot of the younger people who's going to start taking over, because some day this is going to be their job."

Hubert Yarbrough has volunteered on Christmas Day with Feed the Needy for 13 years.

"Oh it's a great feeling it's better than opening any Christmas Present that you could ever ask for. Just helping other people less fortunate than you. This is it, I'm telling you. That's why I keep coming back every year," says Hubert.

For others, this is their first time. Susan Marsh is volunteering from Biloxi; she say's she'll definitely be back.

"Oh I think the turn out is great, and it's so well run," says Marsh.

The more seasoned volunteers will tell you they simply look forward to witnessing the true meaning of Christmas year after year.

This is Sherida Graves' fourth year to volunteer. She loves to see the people.

"Just to see the smiles on people's faces when they come through. Everbody's just so excited about helping one another, especially now since Katrina, everybody is just in a good mood," says Graves.

This is the 17th year for the Harrison County Sheriff's Department's Feed the Needy program. After Volunteers finished packing the meals, others came in to help deliver them to families across Harrison County.