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Toys Come Pouring Into Biloxi Thanks To Some Central Mississippi Neighbors

Gifts, gifts and more gifts. They came pouring into Biloxi thanks to some neighbors from up north. Although central Mississippi isn't exactly the North Pole, coast families are grateful for the many Santas who will make this Christmas day so much better.

"I didn't even put up a Christmas tree, because it really didn't feel like Christmas. I couldn't do everything I normally do. It's just beautiful, just wonderful. God is good and I really thank everybody who did this," says Tanjie Watson of Biloxi.

The Eaves family out of Jackson, Mississippi organized the gift-giving with the help of the Salvation Army. After handing out hams last year, the Eaves four young boys couldn't wait to get back to coast to help out.

"The thing was my children didn't remember what they got for Christmas. They remembered the joy they felt in giving those hams out," says John Eaves of Jackson, Mississippi.

"It's just fun and heart warming to see the expressions on people's faces and give freely unto others. It's just feels good to know we made their Christmas this year," says Brady Eaves of Jackson, Mississippi.

"The gifts are not so big. The message is just that we care," says John Eaves.

And it's evident in the faces of those who received gifts that they are happy so many people still care so much about them.

"It's wonderful they have given these gifts for us. We really didn't have that much Christmas presents now we'll have a lot of them," says Naquan Strickland of Biloxi.

The oldest in the Eaves clan has some advice to help people get into the giving spirit for the next Christmas.

"Adopt a family and next year if you do it come down with us," says John Arthur Eaves.

By Krystal Allan

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