Business Turns Customer Appreciation Into Christmas for Kids

"Come on right here and get you another gift," Darell Roberts says.

On most days, Darell Roberts' business is running a cabinet company. But today, he's working to put a smile on kids' faces.

"Let's get you a toy, let's get you a toy," Roberts says to kids walking by.

He's taken profits from his business, DRW Cabinet Company, and turned it into gifts for hundreds of Jackson County kids.

"Dolls, crayons, books. Big toys, small toys, some kids got one, some kids got two," Roberts says.

With over 1500 gifts being given out at this toy drive, you might think this event is just about coloring books and Barbie dolls. But Roberts says it's what he's gotten from the community that spawned his giving spirit.

"We've done 250 houses this year. We've done a lot. It's a lot of hard work, a lot of hours. We want to give back to the community that gave back to us," Roberts says.

As he shares the toys, he also shares a little insight about the reason for the season.

"Well the big question I asked them was did they know what Christmas was about. And a lot of them said it's about toys. I wanna let them know it's about Jesus Christ," Roberts says.

A message of faith and a Christmas gift is a combination that both kids and their parents are thankful for.

"It's warm, I feel loved, it's wonderful," Sandria Davidson says as her children are receiving gifts.

"They gave me makeup and a wand. And I wanna say thank you for what you've done and I appreciate it very much," Sandria's daughter A'Bria Davidson says.

As for Roberts, it looks like he'll be getting exactly what he wants for Christmas this year.

"As long as I get a good smile from a kid and a hug. That's all that counts," Roberts says.

Roberts is in the process of forming an organization called "Gifts from Heaven" that will help families out not just during Christmas, but all throughout the year.

If you'd like to help make gift drives like today's possible for more kids, call 228-219-7005.