Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Make Mad Dash To Mall

With just two days left until Christmas, Edgewater Mall was packed with last-minute shoppers.

One shopper's excuse, "There's always someone that you forget or you want to buy more stuff for the kids."

Whether it was moms searching for stocking stuffers, or men shopping for that special something for their sweetheart, they were all out in mass Saturday. Annette Benton was one of those last minute Christmas Shoppers.

"My niece who doesn't like pink, I thought this was really cute. She can actually stash away her little whatever in there," she says as she showed off a big, blue fuzzy bear.

Her bags may be full, but Annette says she isn't finished yet.

"I still have a little bit more to do, so I'm still not done."

But why wait until the last minute?

Annette says, "Because you just get so busy. The holiday season sneaks up on you. The next thing you know it's here, and you have to finish your shopping."

That's exactly what Cyndi Hallman was doing at the Mall. She just had a few odds and ends to pick up Saturday.

"I'm coming back here for probably the 10th time looking for a shirt my son wanted," says Cyndi.

It was one of the last items on her shopping list.

"I'm almost finished. Got to go look at one extra store, I think I've got everybody something, but I'm just getting extra stuff which they probably don't need."

And believe it or not, while Cyndi's wrapping up her Holiday shopping, others here are just getting started.