Christmas Tree Safety Tips

"We get a live tree every year and we think it is wonderful and it adds ambiance of Christmas," Merchants and Marine worker Jackie Skelton.

Merchants and Marine Bank Worker Jackie Skelton has the best view in the office this holiday season, right across from an eye catching Christmas tree.

"It is calming. I enjoy looking at the pretty lights and the decorations. The scent is really nice," Skelton said.

Jeremy Carrier could not agree more. That's why his family bought a real tree to add some Christmas spirit to the home.

"I do not think you can get a better look than a real tree," Pascagoula resident Jeremy Carrier said.

But having a real tree does come with its own set of dangers.

Pascagoula Fireman Wade Johnson wants to stress that Christmas trees can be a fire hazard, but there are ways to prevent that.

First, never let your tree get dry. Water it every day, and check the pine needles. If they fall when touched, the tree is too dry.

Also, if you're buying your tree late in the season, make sure the salesperson puts the live tree on a shaker to get rid of the loose needles.

"And you want to make sure not to water it with the lights plugged in," Johnson said."You do not want to have a electrical problem there, so unplug your lights and water your tree daily."

Secondly, make sure those colorful Christmas lights are working properly.

"You might get a short in one of the lights, and in turn, cause a fire. And with these trees, they will catch fire very fast."

"Cut on your lights when the family is around, and when everybody goes to bed make sure you cut them off. Or if anybody leaves the house, you want to make sure they are off."

Johnson says another big issue is where you place your tree.

"On a wall away from the fire place, no where near any kitchen, stoves, and candles. You want to keep all candles away from it just in a safe place."

Johnson says being safe and cautious will guarantee a happy and safe holiday.