Jackson County Golf Course Gets Facelift

District 1 Supervisor Manly Barton says a change at Whispering Pines is long overdue.

"The front nine and the back nine had been built at different times. In some ways it was like playing two different courses, even then. The back nine had irrigation, the front nine did not."

Three years ago, improvements started on the front nine nine holes.

"We completely redid the greens, the fairways, put the irrigation system in, and that has turned out really well, and the first thing we saw was the amount of play we had, immediately went up," says Barton.

Which was even more incentive to finish remodeling the rest of the course.

Jackson County Recreation Director, Jack Hamilton says, "The pond we're standing by here is basically for a drainage problem we have here on the back nine."

Barton adds, "These lakes and all that we're seeing here that's being created around the golf course, is part of what the engineers recommended we do to help with the drainage in this whole area."

Heavy machinery rolled onto the back 9 about threeweeks ago to begin the $400,000 remodeling project at Whispering Pines Golf Course. They expect the work to be completed by Labor Day of next year.

Barton says, "We believe at the end of this process we're going to have a first-rate golf course."

He says, because it's a county course, the rates will still be fairly inexpensive, giving Jackson County residents an affordable place to play a nice round of golf.