Marketing Firm Launches Campaign To Bring Volunteers To South Mississippi

John Bui is still struggling to repair his flooded house in Biloxi, so his five children can move back home. Ten volunteers from South Florida are doing what they can to help out.

"It's wonderful. I'm so grateful for their help," says John Bui. "All the volunteers have the heart and the strength to come here to help me."

So many other families need help with repairs, but there aren't enough skilled workers to go around.

"Yes, there is a tremendous need for volunteers," says Philip Williams.  He's a Reconstruction Specialist Supervisor for the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi's Office of Long Term Recovery.

"We have in excess of 181 projects that we're working on right now," says Williams.  "The volunteers in house that we have working in various locations at this time is right about 11 or 12."

Seeing the critical need for volunteers, global marketing firm Fleishman-Hillard is using its expertise and connections to call for anyone with a heart to help. The company distributed post cards and media kits to numerous reporters, churches, colleges, and non-profit groups across the country.

"Terrific. Terrific," says Williams. "I couldn't think of a better way to do it."

Williams says the campaign seems to be working.

"We are booked to the gills for January and the numbers are growing," says Williams. "I love it. It makes my job easier. And people can move back in their homes."

Fleishman-Hillard is also creating a web site for the Diocesan Office of Long Term Recovery, and using the Internet to reach various organizations. Future plans may include a public service announcement to air on major TV networks, newspapers and other publications. All this work is free.