Pass Christian Woman Gets A New Home

Valena Henry, 77, arrived Wednesday to a sight she swears she foresaw even before Katrina flattened her Pass Christian home.

"I had a vision I was going to get a new home and I got it," Henry said. "It ain't brick, but I got a new home."

She returned to her Grayson Street neighborhood where everybody knows her as grandma.

"Now if grandma tells you something, do like grandma tells you to do," Henry warned. "Because grandma will whip you."

And this grandma says prayer, patience, and the good works of others have made her return possible.

"I'm so thankful for the people who just reached out and helped me."

Those people are led by the non-profit Enterprise Corporation of the Delta, a regional organization that provides funds for community development to the most needy.

"Neighborworks America and the Home Depot Corporation, and the Enterprise Community Partners, they basically said, 'We want to fund folks to work within this specific area of Pass Christian,'" says Jerry Reynolds, the Enterprise Corporation of the Delta's Program Officer.

Valena Henry is one of about a dozen residents in this development zone to receive an $80,000 Home Again grant to rebuild.

"We really believe in the strength of community," says Reynolds. "And we want to make sure that everybody is served financially."

It's a commitment that could help finance up to 36 homes in this impoverished area. Modular models like Grandma Henry's help speed the rebuilding process, but you won't find her worrying about timetables.

"If I don't get in there for Christmas, I know I'm going to be in there for New Year's. So why get worried and upset about it. I've done waited this long."

She's always kept the faith that she and the three children she's adopted since the storm, would have a home were her heart is.

Inova Homes of Texas is building most of the homes for Home Again. Ms. Henry's should be completed in about two weeks.