Thousands Of Donated Uniforms Help Kick-Off New Seasons

When a company in Pennsylvania offered to donate clothes, Pastor Rodger Bradley was glad to be the middle man. But when he opened the boxes, he found the real kicker.

"Everything from soccer shorts and jerseys, there's about 100,000 pairs of soccer socks, cheerleading uniforms, there's even some tennis shirts and shorts," Church on the Rock Pastor Rodger Bradley says.

Dynamic Team Sports shipped the generous donation to Pascagoula, with the hope that the uniforms could help a few kids who lost so much in Katrina.

"These are actually extra small shorts for some of the little guys," Bradley says.

From the smallest shorts to the extra large, Pascagoula Recreation Director Darcie Crew says the company has this city covered, and then some.

"There's no way that just our league could use it. We've got to spread the wealth," Crew says.

And with boxes lined from one end of the pavilion to the other, it's a safe bet that the uniforms won't just be for kids in Jackson County. In fact, they might be making a debut at a soccer field near you.

"In talking with the recreation department, probably help to outfit five or six coastal counties. Probably take care of all of their uniforms in the next soccer season," Bradley says.

And that's no understatement: 40,000 soccer uniforms, 100,000 pairs of socks, several thousand tennis uniforms, and even 20,000 cheerleading outfits. With each box that's opened, Crew says that's a tiny victory for many South Mississippi families.

"It'll be rewarding when you see a whole team of kids out there playing in something that didn't have to cost their parents extra funds to provide for them," Crew says.

On January 3, the Recreation Department and the Jackson County soccer league plan to sort through all the boxes to separate colors and sizes. If your athletes need uniforms, contact the Pascagoula Recreation Department at (228) 938-2356.

Again, the sizes range from youth extra small to adult extra large, so a wide variety of people can use the uniforms.