Gulfport Begins Beautification Campaign

The mayor of Gulfport says making small details a big priority is good for economic development in his city and the coast. Mayor Warr says the city is in the beginning stages of a beautification campaign.

Recently, Gulfport increased the number of work crews from three to seven. That's one per ward. The city will use grant money to build its first municipal greenhouse.

The mayor says aesthetics influence job recruitment, because most people won't want to move to a city if it's not an attractive place to live.

"What we're trying to create is a place where people want to live, that's beautiful. And when they come through here, whether they know they're coming to Gulfport or not, they may be down here for a convention, they might just be driving through looking for a hot meal, but when they pull in, we want them to say, 'Wow.'" Mayor Warr said.

The mayor also spoke Tuesday about Mississippi's decline in manufacturing jobs because of NAFTA and globalization. He said the coast's economic future lies in expanding the service industry, which includes health care and hospitality.