Neighbors Blame Unruly Teens For Crime

It's time to move. That's the feeling among many people living in a Gulfport subdivision who say their neighborhood is overrun with drug dealers, juvenile delinquents and burglars. Residents say the problem started after Katrina, and for some last week's double murder is the final straw.

On Friday, Harold "Bucky" Levron Jr. and Christian Ann Suber-Smith were found shot to death inside their home on West David Drive. Gulfport police say the two walked in on burglars. Four teenagers now face capital murder charges.

On Monday, Gulfport police officials say they are compiling statistics on the number of recent burglaries in Pine Hills to present at a community meeting scheduled for Thursday. Residents say they already know the answer: too many.

On Monday morning, Gulfport police arrested a juvenile in the Pine Hills subdivision for truancy. Neighbors believe teenagers skipping school are creating crime headaches here.

Tajauna Lampley said, "With the children walking the streets all times of the night and them coming up on people's private property just jumping the gate."

A man who wanted to be identified only as "Keith" said, "They're not 21. They should be in school reading a book, writing a paragraph, trying to figure out literature, mathematics, Algebra. Anything to put on put something on their mind other than hanging out, being out on the street. Thinking that on the corner is the way to go, a fast road, living the fast life. The only thing it's going to do is get you dead or in jail."

Four teenagers are in jail charged with killing two Pine Hills residents during a burglary attempt. A neighbor who didn't want to be identified told us burglars have hit her house more than once.

She said, "Mind you this was 7 a.m. in the morning. I had just gone to Wal-Mart to get some coffee. When I got back both doors interior and exterior was lying on the ground. They have come in and got TVs. These diamond earrings. I had bought the movie the Passion. They took it and left the jacket. They took as little as postage stamps."

Some neighbors believe an active community watch would help, but others say they've had enough, they just want out.

"Most people out here are saying there going to move because they're afraid of what's going on up in here," said Tajuana Lampley.

The anonymous woman said, "They're renting to any and everybody. It wasn't like this until Katrina. But the people that are over here now, they don't care. They don't care about their children. They're just on their own. I don't know. It'll just take an act of God to straighten it out."

Harrison County jail officials say Larry Tyrese Minter, Junior Cleveland Green, Lazairian DeAngelo Murphy, and Darryl Simmons Jr., all of Gulfport, made their initial appearance on Monday. The hearing was for charges for the capital murder of Harold Levron. The initial appearance in the death of Christian Suber-Smith is scheduled for Wednesday.