Gift Givers Rush To Ship Holiday Packages

There is one question on the minds of those heading out to mail off last minute Christmas gifts: "Will it get there by Christmas?"

Darlene Dimauro is one of those last minute shippers. She says she knew she'd probably have to stand in a long line to make sure her loved ones got their holiday surprises.

"I have some grandchildren in Memphis, Tennessee and I am shipping off two boxes to them. But those are presents from grandmothers and great-grandmothers and everybody," says Dimauro.

Fed Ex expects the Monday before Christmas 2006 to be the company's busiest day ever. Worker Mary Lee agrees.

"It was crazy.  It has been busy, busy, busy, non-stop since we opened today," says Lee.

Usually 2,000 packages go through the Gulfport store.  The count on Monday was 5,000. And more are expected as Christmas draws near.

The scene is the same at post offices around the area. That's why United States Postal Service Supervisor Cherie Ferguson says branches called in extra staff to help.

"When we opened the window this morning, we had customers waiting in the lobby. And we have had a full line all day long," says Ferguson.

Craig Pauley knows his package won't get to its destination by Christmas, but he's not worried. He says his friend overseas will be delighted to get something from friends.

"We have a buddy that's in Iraq and we want to get this over to him and make him feel like he is at home. I talked to him on the phone not that long ago and I told him stuff is coming, but don't expect it by Christmas," says Pauley.

Postal workers say customers can avoid long lines by going online to There, you can print out labels, stamps and even schedule a pick-up for your package.