Soup Kitchen Receives Generous Donations

A steaming tray of chicken comes right out of the oven, ready to feed the hungry in Ocean Springs.

"The holidays are always extremely busy, due to the amount of families that need additional help at this time," says Barbara Ruddiman, The Lord is My Help Manager.

Cooking enough meals for 200 people is faster and easier now, thanks to a new double-oven, stove, and a shiny refrigerator.

The Lord is My Help soup kitchen was able to replace its aging, broken-down equipment, thanks to $15,000 in donations from private donors and businesses.

"Equipment that I had before were at least 40 years or plus old," says Ruddiman. "So needless to say with new equipment, when we come in everyday, just the simple fact that you turn it on and it starts right off is a real blessing."

Besides being more reliable, having all new equipment means the soup kitchen can help even more families.

"We can cook for more people," says Ruddiman. "So as the need rises, as we get more and more people that are needing help, it will certainly help us help everybody."

The soup kitchen still has one big item on its wish list - a new walk-in cooler to replace the one that's old and falling apart.

"The cooler units go out. So regularly, we have to be replacing parts," says Ruddiman. "My door sealing is not very good, so I lose a lot of energy that way. The floor is rotted, and the wooden racks are not up to code."

Even if the cooler doesn't arrive by Christmas, the kitchen staff is still grateful.

"We have just been so blessed, and so happy with the brand new equipment," Ruddiman. "You can't imagine how to helps us to do our job every day."

The soup kitchen has some money set aside to buy and install a cooler, but it still needs an additional $15,000. If you can help in any way, just call the manager at (228) 872-2331.