Colmer Family Reunites at Historic Second St. Home

1124 Second Street.

A home to many Gulfport families over the years, but now its original family has come home.

"Henry Colmer built this home in 1902 and all the Colmer children grew up in this home right around the turn of the century and of course one of those children was Congressman William Colmer who went on to represent the Mississippi Gulf coast for 40 years in Congress," says Larry Black.

Another child who grew up in the home, was Larry's father, which is why Larry felt so passionately about restoring the house after Hurricane Katrina.

He says, "To be associated with a home like this in one's family history I think is a real honor, and I think it's incumbent on all of us to try and save and preserve our individual family history as well as Mississippi history. So for all those reasons I wanted to bring back this beautiful home and preserve it for the family and for the Mississippi coast."

And now, thanks to his efforts, the entire Colmer family has returned to the home where many of their relatives grew up, like Liz Weeks' mother.

"My mother grew up here as a youngster, and in this picture she is this tall girl right there. One of my cousins is here today, and her mother remembers being a child in this house herself and taking her first steps here over near the stairs there," says Weeks.

Larry also discovered some memories during the restoration process.

He had to tear off the top layer of the wooden floors, revealing the original wood.

"And it just struck me at that point that, oh my gosh, I'm at the point of the floor where all my old relatives back in early 1900's played as little children and probably crawled across this very floor," says Larry.

Descendants now gather on new floors to recall distant relatives and happy memories.

What better place for a reunion, than where it all began.