Four Suspects Arrested for Gulfport Double Murder

Flanked by Harrison County coroner Gary Hargrove, and Investigation Supervisor Detective Lt. Craig Peterson Gulfport Police Chief praised the hard and fast work of his department.

"This right here was the result of good police work, and as a direct result of detectives and narcotics," says Weatherford. "It wasn't citizen involvement that solved this horrible crime."

But citizens involvement is exactly what Weatherford says could have helped in this case, as a home he believes was targeted for burglary.

"There's suspicious activity at this residence." Police believe the 4 suspects were in the process of burglarizing the home when the victims returned home.

" The preliminary findings are what you have there that there were gun shot wounds to the head," says Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove. "The autopsy will be performed later in the evening or tomorrow.

Shots that Weatherford say may not have been fatal to both if residents had acted sooner.   "The initial citizen who heard, or person who heard the shots and commotion inside the residence did not report it to the police and later when asked, he said because he did not want to get involved.

An attitude that he says is putting the entire city in danger and must be changed.   "When there's no crime your community watch programs suffer because there's a lack of participation. I mean that should be a strong component,. Your community watch program. There should be active participation. So this is about working together."