Harrison County Unveils First Tourism Ad Since Katrina

Captain Jay Trochesset is trying to keep his charter boat business afloat.

"The business really took a hit, and it's a lot worst then I've ever imagined," says Ray Trochesset.

Trochesset blames the slump on the misconception that tourism-related industries are still devastated.

"What I'm hearing is people want something else to do," says Trochesset. "They say there's nothing else to do when they come down here except the casinos."

A 30-second television commercial, featuring beautiful scenery and pitching a positive message, shows South Mississippi is coming back.

"Brand new ads," says Steve Richer, Harrison County Tourism Director. "All of the footage was shot after the storm. Things people can do now. The number one issue really is to let people know what is happening now and we are ready for visitors."

"The footage was shot all the way from Point Cadet to Henderson Point," says Reed Guice.

The Guice Agency, along with The Ad Group and The Prime Time Group, came up with the upbeat theme.

"We think it's a top flight, top quality ad and we think it's going to convince people that already know us in the close end market to come back and visit us again," says Guice. "That's the thing. Come back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We're coming back. We want you to come back too."

Captain Trochesset hopes the ads will serve as the perfect hook to lure visitors back to his boat.

"We bring people here and they have a good time and they eat at the restaurants, stay at the hotels," says Trochesset. "I'm just glad we're a part of it because we surely need the exposure."

The Harrison County Tourism Commission spent $277,000 on the campaign. It will begin airing on December 26th in cities like Baton Rouge, Laurel, Jackson and Mobile. Businesses and people who want to promote the Coastal area, can also run the ads as streaming video on their web sites.