New Web Site Focuses on Black Mississippians

A new web site showcases the positive things that blacks are doing in our state. On Monday a Jackson businessman officially launched He says he wants to breakdown the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist about the state and the people who live here. Some local leaders if they think the outside world has the wrong perception of Mississippi.

Biloxi city councilman Eric Dickey says he was impressed after getting his first glimpse of a new Internet web site.Dickey says there is definitely a need a site that accents that positive aspects of the state.

"It's warranted in this particular day and time," said Dickey. "I think we should all be cognizant of the fact that we want Mississippi to be a state that is recognizable for the positive things not so much what has taken place in the past."

The web site features entertainment, business, and travel news and profiles African Americans making a positive difference in the state. Some local leaders say state's image shouldn't be shaped by images of the past.

"I think that a lot of people across this United States still have the same perception of Mississippi was in the old days and I guess with the flag issue here recently I think some of that thought will still be there," Biloxi N.A.A.C.P. president James Crowell said. "This particular web site I think will express what Black people are doing in Mississippi and we're doing some progressive things"

. Both leaders say by showcasing what's good in our state, will show the world what they already know.

by Danielle Thomas