Silver Slipper Manager Says First Month Of Business Steady, Encouraging

The Silver Slipper opened its doors to the public a little more than a month ago. General Manager John Ferrucci says he gauges the casino's success by the input of the people who play there.

"We're very pleased with the response we've been getting, 98 percent of the comments have been favorable. The other two-percent, they might have something there, and we're just trying to fix those things... We're taking advantage of this slow time of the year. Any time you open a new casino, there's a million things you have to fix. Now we're down to just a couple hundred now," Ferrucci said.

Ferrucci says the casino offers a something for everyone whether they're gaming or sports enthusiasts.

"We show all the bowl games and playoff games, and we're getting ready to have some fun. We have 20 other flat screen tvs around the casino so people can play table games or slots and still be watching the game and not missing any of the action. Super Bowl weekend we're going to have a big party that night," Ferrucci said.

Meanwhile, construction of an 800 car parking garage is underway on the west side of the casino.

"Our parking garage will be open in time for Christmas. We have closed, covered parking. You can walk into the casino from there," he said.

Ferrucci says the expansion will not end with the garage.

"We'll be announcing our plans for the condo project and hotel project in the first quarter of the year. We just finalized our plans for that," Ferrucci said.