Stone County Helps Promote Gun Safety

A national campaign to teach parents and children about the importance of gun safety is making its way across Mississippi. This weekend Project HomeSafe stopped in Stone County to pass out gun locks and advice on how to avoid deadly gun accidents.

Project HomeSafe hopes the three million free locks it plans to pass out across the country encourages gun owners to keep weapons under lock and key and away from children.

"These little locks here will at least keep them from playing with them and accidentally going off," said parent and gun owner Peter Georgian.

Accidents are exactly what Project HomeSafe wants to avoid. Organizers say contrary to popular belief, locks don't hamper gun owners from quickly defending themselves from intruders. In reality, they say it only takes a few seconds, and it saves children's lives.

"They think if mommy and daddy can do it then, I'm a grown boy or girl, I can do it too, and that's how accidents, I hate to use the word accidents because it's all preventable, but that's how the mishaps happen," said Daniel French of Project HomeSafe.

Law enforcement officers are behind the project.

"This is going to protect your kids at home, your children at home, your grandkids, and the friends of your children that may be over spending the night or the weekend with them," Sheriff Mike Ballard said. "Kids are curious and if they see something laying around they're gonna pick it up and look at it. A loaded gun and a curious kid can get somebody hurt."

Ballard says anyone who would like a free gun lock can stop by the Sheriff's Department.

By Danielle Thomas