Need For More Parking On Caillavet Street

Business Owner Jonny Truong loves what the city of Biloxi has done with Caillavet Street.

"I think it's outstanding that they did this," says Truong. "It looks really really good. If I was a tourist I would actually spend a whole day on this street."

City Spokesman Vincent Creel says that's exactly what they want people to think about this multi million dollar widening, lighting, and landscaping project.

Caillavet Street does everything that 200 residents told us they want to see in the Reviving the Renaissance Report," says Creel. "It's a road way that is a boulevard that moves traffic efficiently, effectively, it's well landscaped, and it has adequate parking.

But it's the last part of Creel's description that Truong disagrees with.

"We had a good 10 or 11 parking spaces here."

Now he has seven, and he says that's not enough for him to repair and reopen the Discount Dollar Store and Salon that were housed here prior to Katrina.

"And we don't have handicap accessibility, and that is the main problem," says Truong. "They took is away from us."

Creel says that's not really accurate.

"Mr. Troung has just as much parking as he had before the Caillavet Project which is none," says Creel. "It's all city parking. What we've done is make it safer. Prior to this there used to be parking spaces that backed out into oncoming traffic."

Troung thinks his former next door neighbors property has promise as a parking lot.

"I definitely think this would be a prefect spot for a public parking lot"

But Creel says he should try it their way first.

"Open his business," says Creel. "I mean he'll have no problem getting a permit from the city of Biloxi. He'll have no problem at all. Parking will not be a problem for him."