Henderson Point Town Hall Meeting

On some issues, residents of Pineville, Pass Christian Isles, and Henderson Point have been in complete agreement since the day after Katrina struck. Other issues aren't so clear cut.

"How are we going to build back," asked Harrison County Supervisor Marlin Ladner. "Where are we going to build back, and what are we going to build back and what are we going to allow."

Those answers are what this volunteer group of planners from Ohio are here for find out.

"The key idea is to start a policy plan that is going to guide the future development of the community," says Planning Project Director Jennifer Cowley. "And the community is coming together today to make decisions about what kind of land uses and what intensity of development is appropriate for the community or not appropriate for the community."

Residents were invited to cast electronic votes on a broad range of issues, and the very first one, on the future placement of condo's prompted a flurry of questions and opinions.

"They want to know what they're voting on before they vote," says Ladner. "Which is sensible I think.  I think most people would like it to be back like it was, but I don't know if that's practical with the various regulations coming in reference to elevations and etcetera.

But judging from the opinions expressed thus far, most residents would like to return as close as possible to the type of community that Katrina changed but failed to destroy.

It's a place to escape to where we don't get into a big situation of multi person, condo, high rise stuff where you can come over here and enjoy yourself," says resident Steve Pixburg. "It's an oasis over here and we want to keep it that way."