Moss Point Police Chief Wants More Drug Testing Done In The Police Department

"I think it is a very bad situation, but the good thing is we got a bad apple out of the bunch," Police Chief Demetrius Chief Drakeford says.

Moss Point Chief Demetrius Drakeford did mince words about patrol officer Wendy Peyregne. He says about two months ago, tips began coming in that Peyregne might be working the other side of the law, dealing drugs.

"We staged a traffic stop with her, and we allowed her to drive to the Jackson County jail facility. And there she was taken into custody without incident."

Peyregne was on duty Thursday when she was arrested with six grams of methamphetamine in her possession.

Drakeford says, "This is one of those types of incidents that you would never suspect would happen your agency."

Drakeford says his department worked with the county's Narcotic's task force and the FBI to investigate the drug allegations. Peyregne joined the Moss Point Police Department in 2004. Chief Drakeford says she passed the department's random drug testing.

"She was average, she did what we asked her to do."

Now, the chief will ask the Mayor and Board of Alderman to fire Peyregne. Until then she is officially under suspension, sitting in the Jackson County jail.

Mayor Xavier Bishop says, "This corruption will not go unpunished, nor will crime pay for itself, the system works."

Mayor Bishop says the drug allegations against one of his city's officers is disappointing but he still has confidence in the department.

"It is unfortunate that it happened, it does not reflects on the city as a whole as it does the character of the individual," says Bishop.

And the Mayor and the Police Chief say the people of Moss Point can be confident in the character of those sworn to protect and serve.

"The zero tolerance we displayed on the streets as far as criminal activity is also exemplified in our police department," Drakeford says.

"If we have an employee who wears the badge and does not need to wear it, then we take these type of measures to ensure that person does not hold on to our badge."

Chief Drakeford plans to ask the mayor and the Board of Alderman for permission to administer random drug tests to officers.

Peyregne will appear before a judge in Gulfport on Tuesday.