Braving The Cold For Work

Braving the cold. It was the first thing many people realized they would be doing Friday morning. Workers on the Gulf Coast bundled up to get the job done. Samantha Lee works for a local car wash. She calls herself a jack of all trades.

"I vacuum; I drive cars around to the car wash; I detail; I buff them; and we have to wipe them all down. And sometimes we have to wash them ourselves. And it's just cold," says Lee.

However, it's not cold enough to keep people from wanting there cars detailed, and it's not cold enough to stop people from working. Many agree that the cold weather is just plain old annoying, and it makes it difficult to do their job.

Frank Nance and his team have been working in a Gulfport apartment community for more than three months. He says when temperatures drop, it slows the work and can ruin building materials.

"You can't work in the morning time, your material keeps freezing. The vinyl siding, when you actually cut it, it will crack. So you have to wait until it warms up to be able to use it. That makes for a longer day out in the brisk wind," says Nance.

Nance also says he makes sure that he wears layers. People out in the cold should also wear a hat, hood or scarf because most heat is lost through the head.

If you are working outside, you should not burn wood. The state forestry service is warning against 'all' outdoor burning because of the high winds and low humidity. In fact, no burn permits are being issued in South Mississippi right now.