D'Iberville Celebrates Business Openings

"It's just a generation thing. We've been here, I won't tell you how many years," says Shirley Rogers Richard, as she looked over some old family photos.

Her daughter Rhonda Murray is opening a business in the neighborhood where she grew up on Gorenflo Road.

"This is Clyde Burton, which we're in the Burton Building right now. Clyde owns Rebel Boat Works," says Murray, pointing to an old snapshot. "His mother and dad had a marine store here. Now, I'm back home, running the marine store with my husband and my friends."

The family priest made mention of the bitter cold morning before blessing the new business.

"Rhonda asked me to come by this morning and bless the shop. Happy to do so," he says, "We almost had holy ice instead of holy water in my car, so, if it's a little cold if you get hit with it."

Pictures of the business blessing and chilly ribbon cutting may one day decorate the walls there. Snapshots and postcards of the old days remind the family of the generations anchored on Gorenflo Road.

"Back in '73 with Dudley Hollinger. "Let's go Fishing with WLOX". I was a queen fisherette back in '73," says Rhonda Murray.

The fisherette is now a proud owner, selling marine supplies in the old neighborhood. While one family reminisces, another entrepreneur looked ahead.

"In this area, in D'Iberville they lost a lot. So, I think it gives people hope to see new businesses coming in," says Kristeigh Ziz, who's excited about her new children's shop.

Her 17 month old daughter is not only the namesake for "Savanannh's Boutique", she was also the inspiration.

"I have preemie items. A lot of places you can't get preemie stuff. My little girl was a preemie, and that's why I decided to open up a children's shop. 'Cause when she was born she was four pounds, and there wasn't a whole lot of clothes for her," Ziz explains.

Savanah's is located across the street from a third new business to open in D'Iberville this week. Choice Supermarket celebrated a grand opening Wednesday.