Pearl Harbor 65th Anniversary Coverage From KHNL-TV

WLOX's sister station KHNL located in Honolulu, Hawaii has been covering the 65th Anniversary of the attack of Pearl Harbor extensively.

(KHNL) - The mood was upbeat, as hundreds came to Waikiki to remember one of the darkest days in our history. It was the end of a gathering organized to look back on the Pearl Harbor attack.

"I felt six torpedoes hit my ship. Tremendous blast and fire," recounted John Rauschko, a Pearl Harbor survivor. He was 20 years old and a signalman on board the USS West Virginia.

The 85 year old said, "The most difficult job I have ever had in my life is the handling of dead bodies off the Arizona. They were burned and the stench of human flesh burning is in my nose and nostrils to this day."

This anniversary also drew historians, including Fred Borch. The retired Army Colonel is now a historian in Virginia.

More than six decades later, historians are still gaining new insight into this event.

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