Possible Expansion For The Coast Coliseum?

Coliseum Director Bill Holmes is working on a proposal exploring the possibility of expanding the coliseum.

Holmes says the purpose of the study is to find out if the demand is there and if an expansion is financially possible. The study, if approved, would determine such things as whether the Convention Center could attract larger regional and national meetings, determine what the appropriate size of the expansion should be, and how much construction and additional operating costs might be.

Holmes says an expansion would help our economy.

"There's so many economic upswings because we have the community, we have the natural resources, we have the historic points of interest, we have the golf courses, we have the 24 hour nightlife, we have tremendous restaurants, it just goes on and on and on," Holmes said. "We should be twice what we are today."

Holmes will also be getting with coast city and county groups to get input for the studies objectives.