God's Katrina Kitchen To Stay Put

The Gulfport City Council voted Tuesday night to extend the kitchen's permit until July of next year. The Kitchen's permit to operate at its Camp Avenue location expired Monday.

The council voted 4 to 3 in favor of extending the permit until July 31 of 2007. God's Katrina Kitchen has been serving food to volunteers and others since shortly after the storm.

Some residents in the area have complained of an increase of crime and transients in the area since the Kitchen's arrival two months ago.

Kitchen volunteers say they're happy with the Council's decision.

Council members also praised the Kitchen's volunteers for their hard work.

"I would just like you to know beinga resident and a citizen of Ward One, we are very close to your facility, and we would just like the citizens to know that we have a lot of faith-based groups in the area, and yours has been a tremendous help," says Councilman Gary Holliman.

The council shot down a recommendation by Mayor Brent Warr to move the kitchen to a site on 34th Avenue and 8th Street. This latest permit extension expires just one month before the lease is up at the Camp Avenue site.