Waveland Voters Re-Elect Longo As Mayor

Incumbent Mayor Tommy Longo will continue to lead the recovery effort in Waveland.  Voters Tuesday re-elected Longo as their mayor. He beat out Republican Craig Cameron, a former construction manager, and Independent Santo Saucier, a former Waveland Alderman.

Longo received a total of 584 votes.  Santo Saucier came in second with 252 votes, and Republican Craig Cameron received 214 votes.

For the past 15 months, Mayor Longo has led Waveland through a tedious recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina practically destroyed his city.  He still has a huge task ahead of him, as people continue to try and put their lives back together, under his leadership.  He is the first South Mississippi mayor to be re-elected since Hurricane Katrina.

There were also 4 Alderman races in Waveland Tuesday.  The results are as follows:

Ward 1 Alderman:

Lili Stahler, 218
Jay Fountain, 125

Ward 2 Alderman:

Ricky Geoffrey, 141
Gary Catalano,61

Ward 3 Alderman:

Brian Schmitt, 143
Scott Blackwell, 69

Ward 4 Alderman:

Charles Piazza, 161
Brent Anderson, 106