East Biloxi Shootings Raise Concern

Several shots were fired on Esters Boulevard in Biloxi Monday night. The victim was struck at least twice.

"The guy was shot in the leg. A matter of fact, the suspect lived only a short distance away from him, knew who it was. And we were able to arrest him very quickly," said police chief Bruce Dunagan.

The shooting on Esters was the second in East Biloxi in a week.  Last Monday, November 27th, in the late afternoon, Biloxi police say an argument at the corner of Magnolia and Division Streets turned violent.

When one of the participants attempted to flee in a car, another began firing shots at his vehicle. Police say one of the eleven bullets struck the church building across the street.

"That's as scary as it gets, yes," said Father Steve Wilson.

The stray bullet pierced through three walls at the Our Lady of Sorrows church office building. The priest calls it a blessing that none of the half dozen people inside the building was injured.

"It's a little scary. Before coming here, I was assigned to the west side of Chicago, so it's not that scary. But it's a little unnerving, yes," said the priest.

"We have got to get control of this situation, it's turning bad," said ward two councilman Bill Stallworth.

He says it will take increased action from police and the vigilance of neighbors to halt the violence.

"We don't need drive bys. We don't need kids getting killed down in the streets. We need to do something and we need to step up our aggressive policy of tolerating nothing, nothing along this line," said the councilman.

"Drugs drive the vast majority of it. And as long as we have this insatiable demand for drugs in this country, it's going to continue on and get worse," said chief Dunagan.

The chief says quick work by his officers led to arrests in both of these recent shootings.