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The Pascagoula Library Bounces Back Post Katrina

"We had salt water in the building that destroyed all the carpet. The sheet rock on the wall had to be taken out and the shelving was rusted," Employee Mary Ann Louviere said.

"Anything that was attached to the floor had to be destroyed," Carol Mars said.

The first months after Katrina, read like a horror novel inside the Pascagoula library. Fifteen months later a new chapter is taking shape and workers are busy making sure everything is ready for opening day - a day long time Employee Mary Ann Louviere says can't come fast enough.

"We have been here to see walls go up, watch the carpet come in and the shelving, and seeing the books go back on the shelf makes it feel like a library again."

That is the goal for Branch Manger Carol Mars, beside fixing Katrina's damage, the library will have a whole new look.

"One of the good things that came from the hurricane was we were able to expand our Genealogy Department," Mars said.

"We have moved our Fiction Department down stairs, so we will have more access to the  collections and our patrons will have more access to the collections."

As the library prepares to reopen its doors post Katrina, Mars says they are in need of Employees to fill job positions, ten to be exact including clerks, library assistances, and a custodian.

"We had several employees that left, so we are in the process of taking applications," Mars said.  "It is very important we have a full staff when we open."

The Library is expected to open at the end of January.  If you're interested in applying for a position, you can visit their web site at

By Patrice Clark

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