Drug Bust Nets 30 Arrests

More than 30 drug dealers in Jackson County were arrested on Thursday.

Both local and federal officers took part in the operation. Officers made arrests throughout the day, some as early as 7 a.m.

The arrests are part of a six-week investigation. About 36 local and federal officers were involved in the investigation. They say they're committed to working together to make the streets safer.

"We're going to fight this problem as hard as we can," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said. "We go after this every day. And this is something we're trying to serve the public the best way we can."

"It's a quick fix to an ongoing problem. Of course, we're an ongoing group from the stand point of continuing to battle the flow of drugs, especially in our neighborhoods, in our businesses, and things like that, so it has an impact," Task Force Commander Eddie Stewart said.

Those arrested were taken to the Jackson County Adult Detention Center. This is the second big drug raid in Jackson County this year.