Waveland in Need of Volunteers

The city of Waveland is still trying desperately to recover more than a year after Katrina. Now the city has a new set of problems, including how to allocate funds to ensure people get their home completely rebuilt.

Katrina gave Jim and Kelly Yawn a new beginning. A start the couple didn't ask for.

"We had to go in a shovel out mud and gut it out and start all over."

To get out of their FEMA trailer this couple decided not to wait for federal grants and volunteer groups. Instead, they rolled up their sleeves and took a chance.

"We had insurance and everything, and they said that they would get back with us. We never got a letter or phone call so we just applied for the SBA loan and that went through. That's how we were able to get the money to build back our house."

A story of success for the Yawns, but for many people in Waveland who can't afford to hire contractors, there's a new struggle.

"We need a lot more volunteers as far as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other skilled labor," says Betty Robinson with the City of Waveland.

Even with federal grant monies rolling in, Robinson says many storm victims still fall short in covering the total cost of rebuilding.

"Usually the money will cover what it costs to build your house but not the labor. Some of them do but most of them are low-income people and they just don't have the money to finish their houses."

So without skilled laborers people in Waveland are often left with a lot of supplies, maybe a structure, but a far cry from home sweet home.

If you live in Waveland and you need or want to help rebuilding, you can call (228) 467-3425.