Resident Says Intersection in Desperate Need of Stop Signs

A busy intersection on a country road in Vancleave is well-known for the danger it poses to drivers. Residents on Seaman Road say the site's two-way stop isn't enough for the amount of traffic along the road, and they're concerned for their safety.

"I'm scared for my little girl's life and my life, you know," Mike Vuyoveich says, as he stands in his front yard, adjacent to the intersection.

It might be home sweet home, but this busy intersection has Mike Vuyoveich worried about his family's safety.

"As you can see, people travel probably anywhere from 40 to 70 miles an hour up and down this road. People don't realize it's a 2 way stop. They think it's a 4 way stop and end up pulling out in front of people," Vuyoveich says.

Vuyoveich says his family has already had a close call.

"Her bedroom is right there on the front corner of the house. I had a vehicle come 3 inches from clipping that corner. It went probably 20-25 feet past the house," he says.

The way the intersection is set up right now is that drivers traveling down Seaman Road must stop. But those coming down Old Fort Bayou Road can just fly by. That's a problem that statistics prove often results in a crash.

"We've had two this month to my knowledge. One of them was a failure to yield right of way, and another was where a vehicle hauling a utility pole ran into the back of a school bus," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd says.

In October and November, Sheriff Byrd says there were eight accidents at various spots along Seaman Road. He says it's time to put the brakes on the problem.

"If we put a stop sign here and a stop sign here for the south and northbound traffic on Old Fort Bayou. That would break it up so it would be a little more safe," Byrd says.

Something Vuyoveich says he wants to see, before it's too late.

"I hate to see my little girl get crushed in her bedroom for something, you know, such as putting a light up and maybe making this intersection a 4 way stop," Vuyoveich says.

Supervisor John McKay says he plans to take steps to fix the problem in next Monday's Board of Supervisors meeting. He'll ask Sheriff Byrd to conduct a traffic study. With those results, McKay says he'd like to see 2 more stop signs added to the intersection within the next 60 days.

By Keli Rabon