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Bay Ferry Has Its Share Of Fans, Critics

It's been one month since a new ferry service began shuttling cars across the Bay of St. Louis.

Since it started November first, the service has only run 20 full days. Dock maintenance, low tides and fog shut down the service for either a half a day or an entire day.

Despite that, many drivers continue to be loyal riders.

"I continue to take it because I just think it's an easier way all around to get to the Pass. It saves a lot of gas. But even though sometimes it might not be running, I just enjoy taking it," Pass High student John McCandless said.

Others say the $5 million price tag for the service is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

"People say, 'Well gee, it's free.' It's not free. It's costing nearly $6 million and no telling how much by the time it's over. Probably in excess of $6 million of taxpayer dollars. I'm a taxpayer and I resent things like that wasting of taxpayer money," Bay St. Louis resident Ames Kergosien said.

Ferry operators say their ridership has been good. They say they've shuttled as many as 400 cars in one day.    

To see the ferry's schedule or for the latest news on when the ferry is and is not operating, call 1-877-253-5698 or visit

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