Moss Point Looking To Hire

"Someone who will exert themselves and go beyond the call of duty at the drop of a dime, and do it knowing what the risks are," Moss Point Police Chief Demetrius Drakeford said.

If that describes you, there might be a Moss Point Police badge in your future. Chief Drakeford is looking to hire eight new officers.

"It will help Moss Point in the area of deterring crime, more constant patrols, quicker response time," Drakeford said.

"We are looking for qualified, dedicated employees, and if you fit that criteria, we welcome you to come apply."

Other city departments have jobs to fill as well. The city increased this year's budget by $226,000 to hire eleven more city workers. Human Resource Director Tenesha McClendon says there are jobs available in all different skill levels.

"A superintendent for public works, firefighters, dispatchers, police officers, we are hiring for a program director," McClendon said.

If you missed the job fair, but still want to apply for a position, call Moss Point City Hall at (228) 475-0300 for more information.